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    Default Incarnum suggestion: reorder and standardize the chakra slots

    The current order in which chakra bind slots are gained is a little ad hoc. It seems partly based on an estimation of how expensive or rare items in the different slots are, but I don't know if that's really accurate especially post-MIC.

    One thing you could do is standardize chakras so that they are gained in a fixed pattern similar to spell and maneuver levels, regardless of class. Running with the current order, this would be:

    1st: crown
    3rd: feet
    5th: hands
    7th: arms
    9th: brow
    11th: shoulders
    13th: throat
    15th: waist
    17th: heart
    19th: soul (incarnate only)

    Decent enough. But with a couple tweaks, you could reorder this so that there is also a logic to the progression, rising from the lowest body chakra to the highest.

    1st: feet
    3rd: waist
    5th: hands
    7th: arms
    9th: shoulders
    11th: throat
    13th: brow
    15th: crown
    17th: heart
    19th: soul (incarnate only)

    This would require rebalancing the chakra effects for the slots that changed position, but it results in something more logical.

    You could also do feet > hands > waist since hands are technically lower. (And you could put heart between arms and shoulders, but that seems to ruin the spirit of it.)
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