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The chakras are already organized into groups: Least (Crown, Feet, Hands), Lesser (Arms, Brow, Shoulders), Greater (Throat, Waist), Heart, and Soul.
Right, the point is that the groupings, at least on the face of it, seem displeasingly random.

Note: The chakras are ordered in power (or at least the level at which they're gained) based on their proximity to the center of the body. Outer chakras are low-level, inner chakras are high-level. Waist being low-level makes no sense like that.
However, I hadn't noticed this pattern. I guess it works, though wouldn't throat be farther than shoulders since it's higher up? I guess you can justify it as throat being closer to the "core mechanism" while shoulders are only there for "support".

Maybe the chakra tiers should be renamed outer/supporting/inner/core to make this pattern more explicit. It definitely wasn't obvious to me.

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And... I'm not sure what you get from all that work, rather than just tweaking some under and overpowered binds.
A system with more of a guiding logic that's more pleasing as a result.

The outer/inner tiers thing Garryl pointed out makes me feel better about it for the time being. The vertical progression idea is still out there for anyone it appeals to.