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Right, the point is that the groupings, at least on the face of it, seem displeasingly random.

However, I hadn't noticed this pattern. I guess it works, though wouldn't throat be farther than shoulders since it's higher up? I guess you can justify it as throat being closer to the "core mechanism" while shoulders are only there for "support".
If they'd called it the "neck" chakra, I'd agree with you, but throat evokes the windpipe going all the way down to the lungs, and possibly also including the esophagus in the direction of the stomach, to me.

Maybe the chakra tiers should be renamed outer/supporting/inner/core to make this pattern more explicit. It definitely wasn't obvious to me.
That's a good idea for the nomenclature. I'm not so sure about using the word "supporting," but the idea is sound. Maybe "transitory"? I dunno.