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    Formerly known as Cyber Punk. Characters from that time are either defunct, or early versions of current characters. Extended character details in GoogleDocs, not on site.


    • SHUYORU: Shapeshifting yakuza-type crime boss with dreams of utopia. AMEN. Power: Shapeshifting.
    • ZARA BEN HAIM: Perpetually-smiling artist with a past as a child assassin. GLoG. Power: Rubber body.
    • ZABBAIEL: Young cherubim angel. GLoG. Power level: OP. Early version: Asher
    • OLAMIDE 'KARASU' HIMURA: Goth ninja girl. HALO. Power: Ink. Early version: Nisha
    • LT. COMMANDER CHIDI NWOSU: Friendly and fun-loving elite soldier. MERC. Power: Sonokinesis. Based on Holly and Zhyv
    • ROSALIND D. THORNE: Super detective giantess from the One Piece universe. Devil Fruit: Mini-Mini Fruit.

    NPCs include: Uriel, Mirai, Zither, Agony, ... etc
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