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A belated thought... when Durkon walked up, Oona was walking away. Oona didn't know who Durkon was, but what if Xykon asked where Redcloak had gotten off to ?

Redcloak doesn't hesitate to eliminate even his own loyal people if there's a non-zero chance something could tip off Xykon that he's being double-crossedwrt the Snarl. If Redcloak got even a hint that Xykon might be nearby, let alone saw him, he wouldn't hesitate to Implode Durkon - even if he loved Durkon's idea and was 100% on board.
This is actually what I am thinking, that RC noticed the lich listening in from somewhere and needs to 'prove' his loyalty so as not to tip him off. Though honestly right now I'm having trouble remembering what it is he is hiding from Xykon. Going to have to go crack open SoD I suppose. Oh darn. :)