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    As another bit of fridge logic; if Minrah or Durkon takes Redcloaks Holy symbol right now, he is gonna be in a world of problems, most of them being his own fault.

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    Didn't he secretly do something with Xykon's phylactery way back when the Azure City resistance attack happened? I'm pretty sure he swapped the real one out for a fake to use as his holy symbol because he killed that one goblin and said "I'm sorry, but no one else can know what happened down here". . I don't know D&D well enough to know if liches automatically know when their phylactery is destroyed, but if they don't, I assume he most likely secretly destroyed the real one at the same time.
    The goblin craftsman was already dead; Redcloak just disintegrated the corpse to tie up loose ends. He gave Xykon a fake, and keeps the real one with him. Liches know if their phylactery is destroyed, so RC's still got the real one, otherwise Xykon would be much angrier and a lot more killy.
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