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    Alias: true name: To be revealed later!

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Sidhe (Dresden-verse style)

    Age: 35 years (appears to be in early teens)

    Alignment: Lawful Good, White/Green

    Class/Profession: Sorcerer and Thaumaturge

    Power Rating: C, or about level 10

    Description: Absolutely beautiful, to the point of looking unnaturally so. Solstice appears to be a girl in her young teens with a slight, slender body and fragile, spindly limbs. She has long fiery-red hair similar to the color of carrots, which cascades down to her thighs with some slight curls. She has fair porcelain skin, and emerald-green eyes with feline-like irises. Her face holds a number of appealing features, such as thin eyebrows, a straight and relatively narrow nose, and exquisite lips: not too thin nor too thick. Her fingers are long, dexterous, and delicate.

    Spoiler: Something similar for reference:

    Personality: Solstice errs on the side of caution and prudence. She tries to remain calm and reserved. She always keeps her word and never lies. It's kind of a Fae thing. This includes never doing anything for free, but not accepting gifts either. Although unlike most Fae, she does tend to stick more to the spirit of an agreement as it was meant, rather than twisting words to her own benefit. She tends to like the idea of having friends and contacts she can trust, rather than always looking over her shoulder for enemies. She is quick to try to placate and negotiate with beings of greater power or who may hold an advantageous position over her, but as for everyone else, she is mostly indifferent. Solstice is extremely naive, being only familiar with her own world and her own culture. She is accustomed to her environment being comfy and beautiful and used to pleasant sensations. Foul and unpleasant things, therefore, disturb her more than normal.

    Spoiler: Equipment
    Solstice wears a pale pink silk robe. The fabric is thin and delicate and appears more like nightwear than wizard robes, adventuring gear, or the like. It is simply an extremely nice robe and doesn't add any real protective value, as aside from its exceptional quality, it is still a mundane item without any form of magic enhancements. Accompanying her outfit, a silk belt of the same fabric keeps it closed and holds a few items, and dainty sandals with a few small, decorative gems adorn her feet.

    However, Solstice also possesses a few other notable items:
    • Deerskin Gloves: Real gloves made of real deerskin. Allows Solstice to handle iron objects without burning herself. She only has them on when she needs to use them.
    • Faerie Bow: A magic bow of Faerie make. Shots err more toward their target and hit with surprising, penetrating force. Comes with a quiver and arrows.
    • Bronze Shortsword: A shortsword of Faerie make. If it is ever unsheathed, the situation is either very serious or very un-serious.
    • Flame Wand: A magic focus which allows Solstice to easily concentrate on her fire magic. When drawn, her fire magic is more accurate and more powerful.
    • Wondrous Bag of Wonders: A small satchel Solstice carries which contains miscellaneous bits and bobs she has found or collected. You never know what may come in handy!

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Solstice has had some archery training and done satisfactorily. She has also had some combat training for the benefit of her own self-defense, but she's still not that good at it. Her physical strength is pretty pathetic, and while she may move somewhat gracefully, her speed is quite ordinary. However, her Fae qualities do grant her an extra bit of resilience. She is quite a bit tougher than she looks, albeit with one exception: iron is deadly. The mere touch of iron burns Solstice, and deep wounds inflicted by iron objects and weapons are like injecting poison. She can recover quickly from damage in most cases, but iron is the exception. It is extremely painful and the wounds will linger for a long time. She can also use magic, which she is quite good at, but her magic reserves are not limitless...

    Thaumaturgy: With the use of magic circles and preparation, almost anything is possible with magic! Thaumaturgy involves slowly gathering up magic energy into a circle to be released later. Symbolic objects and certain magic materials greatly aid or are often times even necessary to perform a ritual. The stronger the spell, the more magical energy and symbolism is needed. If something goes wrong with the ritual, there are often consequences, the magnitude depending upon how much energy was released.

    Evocation: More traditional spell-slinging, though technically it is just throwing around energy. But one thing they all have in common is they are fast. Some of Solstice's signature spells:
    • Force Shield: Solstice can erect a magical barrier in front of her, or even a weaker one all around her. The barrier deflects all manner of attacks: even bullets, energy and magic projectiles.
    • Soul Arrow: An attack which assaults the soul and mind. It jars the target's senses briefly, clouds the mind, and depletes mental and magical reserves. More effective while wielding the Faerie Bow.
    • Searing Ray: Like a 10,000 degree laser, concentrated fire magic at one's finger tips. Easily slags any conventional metal and stone and incinerates just about anything else.
    • Euphoric Touch: Waves of pleasure course through and caress the target. It can lighten the mood, be distracting, and is almost certainly addictive.
    • Force Blast: Like a telekinetic wave, this spell is handy for knocking things over, pushing would-be assailants away, or perhaps even yanking someone from certain doom.

    Solstice also has a number of other quirks and drawbacks as follows:

    Soul Gaze: When Solstice stares into the eyes of another being (in the Nexus setting, typically "mortals" with souls) and they stare back, she sees into the essence of their soul and their very being. And they see into hers. Usually both characters get stunned briefly as well, though not really so much when you expect the shock. Information is probably best handled as if each character in the Soul Gaze knows all the information on the character application.

    Technology Disruption: Solstice's presence generally disrupts technology. While Fae in the Dresdenverse don't do this, they also don't have souls or a mortal magic casting element to them. Use of magic also more greatly disrupts technology. Delicate units can even get fried.

    Inability to Lie: It's not just a personality tendency. It's rather hard-coded into her being. While theoretically her soul with free will could try to force one out, Solstice would suffer great shame and anguish, and would very likely, actually die. But Solstice can still be wrong. Simply being mistaken or wrong about something is different than lying. Though if Solstice believes what she is saying may be inaccurate, she will frame it as such, like a possibility or an opinion.

    Thanks for the Invite: Homes and private dwellings have a thing called a 'threshold'. She might be able to force herself into a single bachelor's pad and be severely weakened.. but gaining entry into a family's home is just impossible for her. She must be invited in. Note that public buildings, establishments, and places of business - generally places where people do not live nor are considered homes - are exempt from this and do not hinder Solstice.

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Solstice was adopted by her Sidhe mother from early infancy. Solstice's real parents were lovestruck fools who bargained with the wrong Fae. In fairy tales, the child escapes the witch or the parents get to keep their baby. This wasn't the case for Solstice. Though Solstice was born a human, all she ever knew was Faerie: breathing in the supernatural air, eating Sidhe food, even suckling milk from her Faerie mother's bosom. Very quickly, her infant form became that of a changeling. And before long, she was indistinguishable from a Fae and raised as one.

    Of course, this didn't happen just because this Fae wanted a child. Solstice's mother, Amora, knew of her great potential for power. Solstice was raised with the sole purpose of furthering her mother's agenda. But this doesn't mean the two never became attached. On the contrary, there was quite a strong bond at first, filled with love and joy. Solstice had never suspected that at one point she had mortal parents. Things did change, however, as Solstice grew older. The lessons grew more studious, and as she came of age, they were no longer free. While Solstice still saw Amora as her mother, their relationship had changed from one of love and nurturing to one of trade and contracts. To be fair, Solstice knew it was coming, but it was all overwhelming, regardless.

    By now, Solstice had mastered the ins and outs of Fae culture and had become quite proficient with wielding her magic. But Solstice's reality was that she belonged to her mother. The debt was so steep that it might never be paid off. And yet, as long as she remained a loyal and obedient daughter, the ill consequences that normally befell one who had acquired such massive deficits never came. Perhaps that was her mother's love and mercy after all. Or perhaps it was all part of Amora's plan: to perpetually keep her daughter indebted to her. More likely than not, however, this sort of scenario plays out time and again when new Fae must struggle for survival, while also following their own rules.

    Some years later, there were some troubling developments. Solstice was about to join the Summer Court.. but there was a problem: her mother had disappeared for some time. And without her mother's sponsorship, that left some uncertainty to her character, as far as the court was concerned. One of Amora's rivals, Alfreda the Heartbreaker, had proposed a test:

    Present to the Queen a flower that grows,
    which never wilts nor with the wind blows,
    with many a color that brilliant glows,
    and from which sweet nectar doth ever flows.

    The Summer Queen was intrigued by this and thought it suitable. And Solstice was naive enough to think it was possible. Alfreda smirked as Solstice eagerly took up the challenge. Soon she realized that nothing like this existed in nature, and she couldn't figure out how to make anything work via magic. She would certainly need her mother's help. Even then.. maybe it wasn't possible with her help..

    With mounting worry, Solstice set out to track down her mother. Her journey led her into the Way Between Ways, an infinite series of corridors, stairs, and doorways, in which all manner of things lurked. The infrastructure was deteriorating and growing more decrepit as time went on. And then something gave way and she fell. And she fell. Until it seemed like Solstice was simply floating in a void. That's when, somehow, she found herself in an entirely new world. She was in Nexus.


    Spoiler: Current quests:
    Find a way back home.

    Find her mother.

    Find some kind of flower that fits her challenge.

    Spoiler: Debts/Favors in Nexus
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