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    Spoiler: Chp 7 Page 17

    So I'm not sure what is being said by the Wight, but it seems to be saying "Please don't [???]". Either "Please don't he c-cared", or more likely "Please don't be scared". I assume Sandman is willingly working alongside the Consortium.

    Other news includes:
    Boss Leader is not the first, and all of them in recent history were female
    Boss Leader is apparently perpetually comatose as a result of Sandman

    Do you guys think the two hills contain the two Wights in the story? Or three, if we assume the Angel is one while Sandman and "Clayview" are others. I'm guessing Rich's shadow spirit is an unrelated impending doomsday device, possibly to be used as the means to defeating whatever the final boss is.

    Given the shape of the wights, this does clarify Davey's plot since they would fit shape-wise.
    It also might explain why Boss Leader was so finicky about Max's spirit; it's a functional tool containing a grudge which could potentially become a Wight if not dealt with properly.
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