Hey, Igor, Maglanist PM'd me saying they want to join, I ran by them the expectations I'm sure are all vital to understand and they're all okay with that, so we might have someone new joining.

to handle this, Rater, Jirou might decide to "temporarily" post new genin security to team 3 to help guard against Futility-san after this attack and basically be an excuse for Maglanists character to join until we can figure out a more concrete excuse to Team 3's weird structure, that okay with you?

as for a Yin-yang wood release....uuuh....hm. I dunno. what would call a woodpaper? woodpaper is just more paper though. or maybe yin-yang would photosynthesis? I dunno. that might be a thought for another think.

as for Senko having paper powers hm.....I see a great opportunity for Kimiko to be a total Vegeta about that.