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    The Just Blade

    During the Rise, there was a great human hero, Lyora the Lightbringer, also known a Lyora the Lyoness due to the orcish lion (Dire Lion) that was her chosen mount. She lead many factions of rebels to some of their greatest victories, often turning lost battles into triumphs.

    In the final years of the Rise, Lyora was charged with protecting a large refugee camp in the highlands, along with united factions of humans, dwarves, and orcs. During a patrol, scouts spotted a massive force of giants, two days away from the camp. Though willing to fight under the Lightbringer, Lyora recognized that untrained and unarmed refugees, still weak from their recent escape from the giants, stood no chance of surviving a confrontation, even alongside the seasoned freedom fighters charged with protecting them. And they couldn't be evacuated. They were too weary to outpace the giants or survive the wild, even with some of the most experienced rebels escorting them.

    And the leaders of the factions, under Lyora's command, all disagreed on what the best course of action would be. She dismissed them all from the tent, telling them she would make a decision by the morning.

    That was the last time anyone saw the Lyora.

    In the morning, her tent was empty. Both her and her orcish lion were missing. Were she someone other than the Lightbringer, other than the Lyoness, the people could have assumed she fled. But because she was Lyora, a hero of the Rise, no one even considered the possibility.

    By midday, scouts returned with unexpected news. The giant armies lay in waste.

    Two dozen men explored the aftermath. There were no survivors of the enemy force, ravaged by tooth, claw, and blade. Lyora seemed to defeat the entire force overnight, but both her and her lion were nowhere to be found. All that was found was the blade of her greatsword, broken off at the hilt.


    The Blade of Lyora became an object of reverence after the Rise, kept upon a stone altar where it was found. The city of Lionspride rose from that site, having become a holy city where many great heroes are revered. The surrounding highlands, now known as the Lyon Highlands, sometimes tell tales of a massive, ghostly lion running through the hills.