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    On the "Kimiko as Vegeta" thing...

    The way I'm seeing it, if Senko gets Paper Release it would be in the form of like... Paper ribbons coiled around each other to form whatever limb she's channeling the power through.

    Then the ribbons uncoil and recoil into various shapes. So it's superficially similar to the advanced techniques but it's applications are different. I imagine using the ribbons as tentacles ot to spider-man your way around certain places would be the obvious application

    Honestly, Senko would probably describe what it feels like combining nature transformation with her bloodline powers, which, honestly, is probably similar enough to applying chakra flow to your own body that Kimiko could retroengineer it herself from those descripions.

    Unless there's something Special that Paper Release does when combined with Senjutsu.

    Edit: I imagine that if Senko does get Futility-san's cells, the first that the rest of the team would know about it is seeing her arm "covered in bandages."
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