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    Quote Originally Posted by Squire Doodad View Post
    Spoiler: Chp 7 Page 17

    So I'm not sure what is being said by the Wight, but it seems to be saying "Please don't [???]". Either "Please don't he c-cared", or more likely "Please don't be scared". I assume Sandman is willingly working alongside the Consortium.

    Other news includes:
    Boss Leader is not the first, and all of them in recent history were female
    Boss Leader is apparently perpetually comatose as a result of Sandman

    Do you guys think the two hills contain the two Wights in the story? Or three, if we assume the Angel is one while Sandman and "Clayview" are others. I'm guessing Rich's shadow spirit is an unrelated impending doomsday device, possibly to be used as the means to defeating whatever the final boss is.

    Given the shape of the wights, this does clarify Davey's plot since they would fit shape-wise.
    It also might explain why Boss Leader was so finicky about Max's spirit; it's a functional tool containing a grudge which could potentially become a Wight if not dealt with properly.
    I'm pretty sure it's "Please don't be scared." Also I didn't notice at first but both instances of Wight Wail that we've seen are rainbow-colored, but very subtly with all the colors overlapping. Pretty cool, representing the white energy as an overlap of all colors.

    I don't think the Angel is a Wight because she doesn't speak in Wight Wail, even though she does have rainbow text. Unless her charm is an aspect of that "raw emotion" that Wights use? I think it's safe to say we haven't seen any other Wights in the comic yet, since their presence seems to be incredibly destructive. Like the mystery spirit possessing Max probably isn't a Wight because he's not unconscious from its overwhelming pressure, and same to Spender's Shadow Spirit (especially since presumably the Shadow Spirit eats yellow spectral energy?). That said, I did immediately wonder about the implication of Max having black spectral energy - we're told it's not uncommon and we've seen a few other users (including Dr. Burger herself), but I would bet that if Wights use white energy as a mesh of all other colors then it's got to interact with black energy in some kind of way. Like white may be a superposition of all other colors but that definitely doesn't include black.

    Regarding "Clayview," I'm not sure that it is a name of an entity. The way I read that page I thought that Dr. Burger was telling Rick to leave Mayview and its darkness behind, but her time inside the dream had warped her memory and she misremembered the name of the town.

    Remind me what Davy's plot is and why the shape of the Wights is important to it?

    EDIT: Oh shoot, I may have spoke too soon. I forgot that Spender's sister who snatched the lantern has white energy. Although I guess that just means that she COULD be the vessel for a Wight, and it doesn't mean that she currently is? Maybe she's being positioned to become the next Boss Leader.

    Although that reminds me, with the implication of Boss Leader being one in a long line of differently-sized-but-still-masked Boss Leaders, could the whole thing be a scam where she's the only one and keeps reimagining herself? She can make anything in the dream look however she pleases. I feel like the focus on the previous leader having big muscles was like, a ploy somehow. That and that she apologizes to Dr. Burger by throwing the previous leader under the bus, saying it was that leader's mess that they were cleaning up. Maybe she's just covering herself? Figuratively and literally.

    EDIT2: I'm re-reading from the beginning to try to catch things I didn't get the first time through. Seeing Spender remark that the barrier was made by a colleague of his - that's got to be Walker, right? Now that we know that Walker's power is barriers?

    EDIT3: Oh shoot, look who else speaks in rainbow: Dr. Zarei's spirit Patchworm.
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