My last PM with Maglanist was two days ago, so lets wait and see before we make plans. they seemed to be okay with all the expectations of the roleplay and our group in particular that I laid out with him though. be mindful that they're probably not going to be as active as us.

But that could work if it ever gets that far.

also I had a thought: would it make sense for a nine tailed jinchuuriki to have signed a summoning contract with their Uzumaki parent so that their parent can summon them back if they ever get lost? it both keeps them safe and makes sure the jinchuuriki isn't lost for the village, and a parent could easily convince a child to sign that contract without lying or intimidation? might throw a bit of a wrench into your plan to kidnap the jinchuuriki, as I can see the Uzumaki being that skilled in such summoning stuff to pull off that security measure. of course it also means that the jinchuuriki could reverse-summon the parent if they know how. what do you think of this?