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    So I've got the medic-nin idea on the brain and decided to flesh it out a little bit. If we end up using her we do, if not she's recorded in case something comes up.

    In addition to being a medic, I've also given her a couple of other "utility" powers since she's originally intended as a seat-filler/support character/"we need an extra guy" character.

    Name: Ichika.
    Age: 16.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Species: Human
    Station: Medic-Nin, Genin.

    Average build. Red Hair kept at ear length and usually covered by a cap that serves as her forehead protector. Green eyes.

    Ichika is very much a follower, not a leader. It's not that she's bad at making decisions so much as she instinctively evaluates every single possibility and tends to freeze up if there's not enough time to do so. She's happy to leave the critical thinking to more qualified people... Assuming that they are more qualified, that is.

    One bad call and it'll take a lot to get her to trust you again.

    However, she knows that she will probably never be a chunin and she's okay with that.

    Ichika is also much more spiritual than most Ninja... Not so much in that she believes in the Kami so much as that she beleives that there are things about Chakra that can't be fully explained by science just yet. In particular she believes in the Seven Wheels

    She has a temperament not unlike a mother or big sister

    Nothing much. Normal childhood. Normal ninja education, graduated, been a ninja ever since. Teammates got promoted up, she studied to be a medic becuase while life or death decisions are hard they are far less possibilities and most of the thinking of common scenarios are already thought of.

    Story So Far:
    Nothing Yet

    Chakra levels: more less equivalent to a chunin*(control near perfect)

    Ichika knows the basic academic skills as well as tree walking, water walking, and chakra strings, and other similar skills.

    Taijutsu: C-Rank. She knows enough taijutsu to avoid attacks. In terms of weapon techniques, she specializes in the use of senbon.

    Genjutsu: Ichika can break Genjutsu up to C-Rank but doesn't know or use any herself.

    Ninjutsu: A-Rank, but see below.

    Ichika is a licensed medical ninja, and thus is qualified to provide a variety of medical treatments including but not limited to physical examinations, diagnosing and treating disease, prescribing certain medications, preforming common surgeries, and the use of medical ninjutsu.

    Specifically, she can use the standard Mystical Palm technique which is the foundation of all medical ninjutsu, as well as generate chakra scalpels and participate in the Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique is accompanied by multible medics.

    Ichika's spiritual beliefs, in the existence of the Seven Wheels, has led her to do a great deal of independent research in the tenketsu and meridians that chakra flows and pools in, and in turn how this can be manipulated, allowing her to supplement her stick medical training with things like acupuncture or massaging an aflicted limb to stimulate and direct the flow of chakra to assist in the healing.

    Sensor: Ichika has limited chakra sensing abilities. If she concentrates and does nothing else she can identify individual chakra signatures within a dozen or so metres of her, not really much compared to dedicated sensors but enough to serve as one in a pinch. More generally, by focusing on a specific person she can analyze their chakra and ow it flows through there bodies and use this information to help diagnose problems.

    Fuinjutsu:Ichika has learned the basics of formulaic Fuinjutsu, able to use the string light formation technique, make paper tags, and maintain pre-existing techniques.

    Meditations: Ichika knows a few dozen meditative stances and excersizes that are supposed to be good for chakra flow, opening and balancing the seven wheels, and in general, bringing peace and health to the mind and body.

    Other information:
    At any time Ichika is equipped with a full set of medical supplies and a stock of senbonas well as some ink for sealing.
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