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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogre Mage View Post
    Hi Tawmis,
    It is Ogre Mage again. I hope your wife is on the mend. This is my latest character for Storm King's Thunder. She speaks in a gravelly voice and is darker than the previous characters you wrote for me.
    Name: Suspiria
    Setting: Forgotten Realms
    Class: Shadow Sorcerer 6
    Race: Variant Human
    Gender: Female
    Background: Criminal
    Alignment: Neutral
    Feats: Ritual Caster (wizard)
    Metamagics: Careful Spell, Twinned Spell.
    Skills: Arcana, Deception, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth.
    Languages: Common, Giant.
    Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 18.
    Sorcerer Spells
    Cantrips: firebolt, mage hand, minor illusion, prestidigitation, shocking grasp.
    1st: shield, grease.
    2nd: suggestion, misty step.
    3rd: hypnotic pattern, haste, counterspell.
    Ritual spells (wizard): alarm, detect magic, find familiar, Leomund's Tiny Hut, unseen servant, water breathing.
    Magic items: bracers of defense.
    Her familiar is a black-feathered owl named Nightwing. She named her hound of ill omen Cujo (lol).
    Whoo hoo! Always glad to see "repeat customers" :) Tells me they at least seem to enjoy what I manage to produce!
    Even though of late, it's been much longer due to the wife's health condition. We have some strides to make, some news awaiting to find out more. Thank you for asking! <3
    The character has been added to the list!

    And in the meantime, another request knocked out...

    Quote Originally Posted by Great Dragon View Post
    Anyway, here's a background you might have fun with:
    One of my current PCs is a Folk Hero Kobold Ancestral Barbarian.
    But, what isn't known is his Wife! Except that she is still a Kobold.
    There's a good chance he's a Pa!!

    What was meant is that literally nothing was really known about the female Kobold: Her Name, Background or Backstory. If she already had Class/Subclass-Levels, or acquired them later;

    This PC is from my Council of Wyrms Campaign, which is an Island World (officially) ruled by Dragons.
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with !!

    This is the backstory I came up with for the Ancestral Guardian Barbarian when I made him:

    (The PC) Dhamkeakrux (Dam That Kobold!) during one of his solo Folk Heroic rebellions against ‘Bad Bosses’ (Evil Dragons) found the female Kobold that he rescued (from the City-lair of an Adult Green Dragon, that he never even saw) and in true Classic Knight (Cavalier) Story style, she fell in love with Dam and married him. Together for an unknown (to me) amount of time, before the agents of Endigax Treebreaker (the Adult Green Dragon) found where Dam was (Flaw: the local Lord wants me dead!) and forced him to send his wife to another Island to be safe.
    Maybe someday, he will rejoin her. (The “he might be a Pa” spoiler is a possibility)

    A fairly simple soul, I tend to refere to Dam as the Kobold version of an angry Forest Gump with a battleaxe!
    I have the Council of Dragons book, but never ran it back in the day.
    So I am not sure who would serve Endigax, so I just made it Ogres and humans. Feel free to adjust of course.
    I named the female Kobold, because repeatedly calling her "female Kobold" in the story was bugging me.
    As always, feel free to adjust. :)
    Hope you enjoy and would love feedback in the thread, as it keeps the thread bumped and alive. :)

    Dhamkeakrux – often called Dam by those that knew him – never cared much for stealth. The Rage of Fury of his Ancestors burned in blood and yearned to be wild and free in the midst of combat. But his companion – another Kobold named Obokld who was quite skilled at both stealth and lightening someone’s coin purse – had warned him that he’d spotted dragons in the area and that there was a good chance, somewhere in this city – a dragon was sleeping.

    They moved quietly through the town, which had been overrun by both Ogres and humans alike, who were loyal to whatever dragon now reigned supreme here – but, by the appearances of their tattered tabards it would seem that a green dragon had taken up residence here. When a patrol of ogres was nearing them, both were forced to quickly break down a door and take cover in the building – however, the building was not abandoned. It’d been a barracks to keep slaves. The slaver, a human rose to his feet, puzzled at seeing two kobolds. The green dragon, Endigax Treebreaker, had certainly employed Kobolds as a part of their militia but these two seemed distinctly out of place.

    “What order are you with,” the slaver asked, as his hand went to the whip to his side.

    Obokld was about to try and lie his way through the situation, but before he could, his good friend Dhamkeakrux flew into a rage. Spirits swirled around Dhamkeakrux, as the Kobold flew into a frenzy and attacked the slaver.

    The human stumbled backwards, surprised by the rush of the attack and the unusual sight of spiritual images charging with the kobold at him. He tried to attack the Dhamkeakrux – or the spirits – anything to keep them at bay, but Dhamkeakrux was already leaping through the air, battle axe in hand, and cleaved it deep into the chest of the slaver.

    As the body collapsed to the ground, gurgling in his own blood, Dhamkeakrux saw the one slave that the human had been abusing in here – a female kobold.

    She rushed to Dhamkeakrux and embraced him tightly. “Thank you,” she whimpered, “thank you for saving me from him.”

    Dhamkeakrux was taken aback, unsure of how to react. He’d just felt the rage coursing in his veins, but her warm touch and embrace seemed to cool him down immediately, and fill him with a different kind of fire. “What happened?” he asked. “How did you come to be here?”

    “There is a green dragon here named Endigax Treebreaker who found my village and demanded our servitude to their cause. The elders disagreed – and Endigax Treebreaker demanded her followers to capture and enslave us. Most of her soldiers didn’t even try to capture us – they got lost in their bloodlust and killed most of my village. This,” she looked down at the dead human slaver, “beast, captured me and has kept me for himself.”

    Dhamkeakrux broke the shackles around her ankles that kept her bound to the wall. “A green dragon – here; that confirms what my friend, Obokld here,” Obokld waved his hand to the female kobold, “had heard. We were looking for evidence of that. Dragon activity has been on the rise and we need to know why. But for now, let’s get you out of here.”

    Together, the three of them had escaped, but it was only a few short days later, that the slaver’s deceased body had been found by one of Endigax’s patrol. Endigax demanded that the murderer of her slaver be found and brought before them.

    A human witch was brought in – she used her ancient magic on the shackles – she could see the female Kobold… and the slaver an what he did with her… she shuddered… then saw through the female Kobold’s eyes… another two kobolds… one jumped on the slaver and cleaved into his chest… then broke the female of her shackles… The witch stood up, and nodded. “I have a vision of him. It will take some time but I should be able to track him down.”

    In the meantime, the weeks that followed, the female Kobold named Oellafin, confused her love to Dhamkeakrux and the two were officially wed by Dhamkeakrux’s tribe elder. Though Dhamkeakrux continued to scout for more information on dragon activity, coming home to Oellafin was something he’d always looked forward to.

    That happiness came to a startling end when the alarms in the village rang and Dhamkeakrux ran outside and saw a large figure flying in the distance coming for them. Endigax, no doubt, Dhamkeakrux told himself and quickly rushed inside and told Oellafin to go with Obokld, and that he would help hide her.

    The large figure had indeed been Endigax, and Dhamkeakrux was ready to fight the army that so faithfully followed the green dragon. Flying into a rage, he and several other warriors from the village remained behind to buy time for the others to escape. Dhamkeakrux had put up a grand fight, but was eventually struck from behind by a mace and fell forward into the blood soaked mud. The fighting continued all around him before he lapsed into unconsciousness.

    Dhamkeakrux was surprised to awaken in the crusty mud, and as he slowly pulled himself up, he could see the sun rising in the distance. Most of the blood soaked mud had hardened, telling him that he may have been unconscious for several days. Bodies of both his fellow warriors, and the warriors of Endigax’s army lay all around him. He tried to stand – his arms shook – he was still dizzy and weak. He eventually managed to stand and knew this was far from over. He’d need to find others to help fight not only Endigax – but the other dragons he’d heard rumors about.

    Quote Originally Posted by Whit View Post
    Tawmis here is my new character if you have time
    Phaemus Songbinder
    Dragonborn Male gold
    Bard Valor strength Charisma based
    Instrument/fire breathing/singing skills
    Acrobatics athletics persuasion performance deception
    I enjoyed writing this one. A bit therapeutic for me, emotionally too.
    The Knight mentioned is a reference to two Dragonlance Knights - Huma and Sturm. (The name Huma reversed, and Sturm's last name with acronyms). Even the death is a reference similar to Sturm's.
    The initial opening song is a reference to Blind Guardian's "The Bard's Song - In the Forest" which I simply kept on repeat as I wrote this for inspiration and mood setting.
    The other bard who appears, has appeared in other people's origins I've written. Sort of suggesting a "Tawmis-Verse" of connected characters. :)
    Hope you enjoy and would love feedback in this thread, as it keeps it bumped and alive!

    The scales of Phaemus Songbinder glittered as the flames in the fireplace seemed to dance to his song, and the patrons of the “Lion’s Pride” all listened intently. “Hear my song, about the dawn of the night, For tomorrow will take us away, Far from home, And no one will ever know our names, Only this song, To tell the tales of brave men, Who lived far from here! The setting sun, the fallen son, the dawn of the night, the dawn of the knight, for tomorrow will take us away, far from home, and no one will ever know our names! Tomorrow will take us away!”

    Phaemus strummed his talons across the lap harp for the final chord. For a brief moment there was silence, before the entire tavern erupted into cheer. Patrons approached him and placed coin in his pouch that he had open at his feet.

    A young child approached him and tugged on his sleeve. “I want to be like you when I grow up,” the human girl smile. She was no older than five years old, by human standards. “Will my skin glow and flicker like yours?”

    “No,” Phaemus smiled. “But your eyes will. They are as blue as the seas of Avashore, and your hair is as golden as the rising sun. You will not need this,” he pulled up the sleeve that she’d tugged on, revealing his golden scales. “You will shine on your own, just the way you are.” He ran his hand across her hair on the top of her head, purposely messing it up.

    “Quite the tale, that last song,” a human standing behind the girl, had said, as the girl ran away singing.

    Phaemus looked up and saw a strong looking male human, arms folded across his chest, the neck of a lute peering from behind him, like a sword strapped to his back. “I apologize if this is normally your tavern for playing,” Phaemus stood.

    The human smiled. “Nonsense. I was traveling through the town and stopped for food and drink and heard that this was a good place for that.” He extended his hand, “My name is Tyrell Stormshadow. I wanted to ask you about that last song. It seemed very personal. I could tell that it meant something to you.”

    Phaemus was quiet for a moment, before he looked at the human. “It was very personal. The Knight in the song was a good friend of mine named Amuh Lightsteel.”

    “I would like to hear the tale of your friend,” Tyrell said as he sat down.

    Phaemus took a deep breath. It had happened years ago, but in his mind, it felt as if it had just happened. His song was how he honored Amuh.

    “Amuh and I were best friends,” Phaemus began. “Inseparable,” he smiled at a distant memory. “He did not care that I was different. As children he saw me inside, rather than outside. Many times, he stood up for me and fought for me when others might say something about me. He was always the one that was ready to fight – me, I was never much of a fighter. I wanted to sing, write, and tell stories. He was the strength and I was the heart. His spunk got him noticed, and he was recruited into the Knighthood when he was sixteen. We remained close, but the Knights were often sending him on missions as a squire. He quickly proved himself quite capable with a sword and once saved the Knight he’d been a squire for from goblins who had ambushed them.”

    Phaemus paused. “We saw less and less of each other, but when we did get the chance to see one another, it was as if no time had passed. We both became the children we were growing up, laughing and poking fun at each other.”

    “One day, there was news of a green dragon having attacked a village, and Amuh was called to go help the villagers. I begged Amuh not to go, because I had a very bad feeling about this. But Amuh… he was so headstrong… and he even said, if he died fighting a green dragon, saving people, then there was no more honorable way to perish.” Phaemus shook his head. “My songs had gotten into his head, apparently and he thought a heroic death would be the best way to go.”

    “Several weeks later, the squadron that Amuh had been a part of, finally returned. One hundred men left, six returned. News of the death and destruction quickly spread. I found out from one of the survivors the exact location of the village and quickly purchased a horse and rode there. I never stopped riding. I traded my horse in each town for another, just so I could keep riding. When I got to Azzatan, the village that had been attacked… I… could not believe what I’d seen. Buildings still burning. The smell of death lingered like a heavy fog. As I made my way through the village, I was stepping over countless dead - villagers and knights alike… but then I found him. Amuh was standing at the top of a ballista that had been brought to slay the dragon – and the spear fired from the ballista had been run through Amuh instead. He’d died here, a hero, trying to save people… but the Knights who returned… they couldn’t even bring back all of their dead. He died, nameless, on a ballista. He was just another name, when the other battalions came to recover the bodies, and bury the dead. The Knight Commander just read down the list of names. And that was it. He was just one of the many who died. So now, I travel around and sing about him, as my way of honoring him.”

    Tyrell smiled. “He never died,” the older human smiled. He placed his hand on Phaemus’ chest, just above his heart. “You have kept him alive.”
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