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    Another awesome background by Tawmis!
    My respose

    After viewing the Beserker Barbarian review by Zee Bashew
    I agreed that the subclass was a bit too nerfed by RAW.
    I like a lot of the things Zee talks about, and his style is most amusing.

    I got to thinking, why was the Berseker forced to take an Exhaustion Level for Frenzy?
    I mean, sure, most everything is supposed to come at a price, and combining the Monk's normal bonus action attack with the effects of the two weapon style seems potent.

    But, it only lasts a minute and the Barbarian has a limited number of Rages per long rest. Until 20th level, anyway.

    Slapping Berseker - and no other Barbarian Archetype - with a negative for each time they use their Archetype feature (Frenzy), that can only be removed via Greater Restoration (requiring a 9th level Artificer, Bard, Cleric, Druid or Celestial Warlock) or a Long Rest - per level of Exhaustion is just - a dealbreaker when most players are looking at the options for a Subclass.

    So, my Idea is to have the Exhaustion Level only last an Hour.
    Light activity, including traveling at a normal pace, during this time allows the Exhaustion to fade away. Now, Higher level Berserker Barbarians need to watch how often they Frenzy during a Rage. The good news is that they can't, on their own, get the 6th level of Exhaustion and kill themselves!
    At 20th level, along with the unlimited Rages, the Berseker's Frenzy Exhaustion now only lasts a minute each time it is used.

    Humm - needs some playtesting.
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