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Kimiko's Plan seems more like a vague outline.

...Senko and Kimiko need to sit down and have a long conversation at somepoint.
Okay, just remember any such a conversation will involve checking both of them for odayama's bugs, and preferably speaking somewhere private where no one can hear.

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I don't think things are this cut and dry
"Bad idea" vs "good idea"-

For example, I am sure it seeded doubts in many of Fukaimi's youth, who already have challenge to ward off, the outside world's ideas
Or the little girl, who seemed with very high potential. The benefits might be seen only after years-

Maybe the girl will run away and ask to study in the Academy, being the first Fukaimi girl to train as ninja.

But many people there are unhappy, and their followers will frown on the Ishikawa clan for humilating the "holy people" who help and guide them.

Nozojo will be unhappy, because he try to please every faction, beliving the village is very fragile.
Most ninjas would LOVE Jirou for doing it- nobody from the Shinobis like Fukaimi.
And beside, Jirou IS young.
On the long run it's another step into his role as leader-
Good. Naruto is about the next generation surpassing the last, and that involves doing things differently than your predecessor. which y'know doesn't always involve things they approve. the Fukaimi youths are the future and thus whats important for a story like this. while sometimes the only way to get less fragile is by getting challenged. If they can't handle a little change, how do they expect to handle Konoha after all?