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    Default Character sheet for roleplaying (e.g., character development template)

    I am playing a D&D 5e adventure, though the rule system is not important. I am not looking for a stat-based character sheet like you would find at the end of the PHB, but rather a sort of "character development template".

    In 5e, we have the flaws, bonds, etc. but I am looking for something with more meat on it. My goal is to use this sheet to both remind myself about the key RP characteristics of the character (to inspire roleplaying opportunities) and to track changes and additions of these traits as I discover the character and as they evolve throughout the campaign (acting as sort of a record).

    Are there any templates for this that can help me document this information (and perhaps show me some aspects of RP that I might not have thought of)? While a simple checklist can do the trick, I would prefer to have important categories highlighted and generally have a good structure for this information.

    A good example of what I'm looking for is the Xanathar's Guide sheet. Know anything similar?
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