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I'm pretty sure it's "Please don't be scared." Also I didn't notice at first but both instances of Wight Wail that we've seen are rainbow-colored, but very subtly with all the colors overlapping. Pretty cool, representing the white energy as an overlap of all colors.

I don't think the Angel is a Wight because she doesn't speak in Wight Wail, even though she does have rainbow text. Unless her charm is an aspect of that "raw emotion" that Wights use? I think it's safe to say we haven't seen any other Wights in the comic yet, since their presence seems to be incredibly destructive. Like the mystery spirit possessing Max probably isn't a Wight because he's not unconscious from its overwhelming pressure, and same to Spender's Shadow Spirit (especially since presumably the Shadow Spirit eats yellow spectral energy?). That said, I did immediately wonder about the implication of Max having black spectral energy - we're told it's not uncommon and we've seen a few other users (including Dr. Burger herself), but I would bet that if Wights use white energy as a mesh of all other colors then it's got to interact with black energy in some kind of way. Like white may be a superposition of all other colors but that definitely doesn't include black.
If we assume there are different manifestations of Wight Wail, then Sandman being "fear" (or something, this is just an example) while the Angel is "love" would make sense. I would guess Sandman and the Angel are Wights, Patchworm and the Shadow Spirit are not Wights but will have importance in the plot (Patchworm looks to be part of Zarei's quest to create spirits, which is apparently unheard of; the Shadow Spirit could be hypothetically used as a stopper to prevent an unleashed Wight from obliterating the town.)

I would guess given the shape of the mountains and of Sandman, Davy wants to claim both hills because one or both is home to a Wight. The Wight is just a macguffin for his plot; it has unspoken levels of power and is very valuable but it's not crucial. That said we do have too many simultaneous villains; I count three major antagonists (Angel conflict, Davy, Cultists) with a handful of infighting at each stop, plus the Shadow Spirit which could be the Cultist goal? Making the Wight be the thing that ties them together at least eases the knot.
I would guess the school is ultimately not important except for as a subsection of the Davy plot, and the Activity Consortium are generally on the side of the Activity Club, with Penny and Isabel's father not being additional antagonists but supporting characters. Notably, Penny allows for BL to "die" without throwing things into disarray, or at least gives Zack some breathing room vis a vis handling the Wights.

I'm using Clayview as a nickname for the "Burger" Wight, and without further information I am assuming it's distinct from both the Angel and/or whatever Davy is after.

We'll know more details by Friday evening though, sooooo