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    How do you figure out spells known?

    Sly Devil
    I like this ability quite a bit. It encourages smart play and for players to think of creative uses for existing spells.

    Encouraging Casting

    The temporary hit points piece of this ability is a little weak, if anything, because they only last for a minute.

    On the other hand, the bonus to the d20 roll stacks with Guidance (and Resistance), which means that in any situation where Guidance can be freely cast, a Smiling Trickster will outdo a Bardís bardic inspiration at 9th level. While itís only better for a level, it remains about on par for the next five levels. That seems a little strong, especially because the two abilities can be freely added to one another. My advice would be to remove the option for it to work with cantrips.

    Eyes on Me!

    The combination of a huge area, a bonus action to use, and unlimited uses make this ability extremely potent, likely too much so. Iíd limit it in one of these places.

    Off the top of my head, it is entirely possible for a Smiling Trickster to make good use of this ability by using it and simply Dodging as well to give any enemy who failed the save disadvantage on all of their attacks.

    And even if they donít go to that extreme, mass disadvantage is hard to pass up. Iíd be hard pressed to want to use the other options Cunning Action presents rogues if this ability was also on the table.

    Casting Nexus

    Are spells known limited in some fashion? Right now, it appears that you could be given something like a 9th level slot and a 3rd level slot, plus however many spells known that the caster felt like giving you. I realize this is likely a deliberate misinterpretation of how the ability works, but it serves as a good reason to tighten the wording on spells known.

    This feature feels open to exploitation, especially with the Smiling Tricksterís extensive list of spells. Nothing has jumped out to me yet, but giving your entire party the ability to cast Healing Word or Invisibility are the sort of tactics that come to mind.

    Hidden Casting
    While I agree that Encouraging Casting is strong, Iím much more concerned about the later features. Hidden Casting feels like a less dependable version of the sorcererís Subtle Spell metamagic. It fits, but it feels lackluster.

    Overall assessment

    Iím left with the sense that itís a little too strong. The first couple features are decent, but the last two are unquestionably powerful. None of them feel like ribbons, theyíre just straight boosts. Add in a spellcasting list made up of some of the best utility spells in the game and youíve got a subclass that overshadows the existing rogue subclasses.

    Itís undeniable you know what youíre doing Ė none of these features on their own are jumping out to me as terribly, horrendously broken. But as a complete suite of abilities that all complement one another, itís a little much.

    You really know how to nail a theme. Everything here fits with the name you chose for the subclass extremely well.
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