As per EK and AT. Forgot to add that, should be in now.

Sly Devil
Thanks. :)

Encouraging Casting
That would make it REAL weak. At level 20, you get 11 spells per day. I do hear your issue, though-any suggestions for a replacement?

Eyes On Me!
Would making it an action, you think, be enough?

Casting Nexus
You only get a total of spells known equal to twice your prof bonus (for the Trickster) or your prof bonus (for anyone else).

And bear in mind, you only get 13 spells known as a Smiling Trickster. Though admittedly, I hadn't actually SAID that, so that's on me!

Hidden Casting
Again, any other suggestions for a 9th level feature?

For Old Harry-do you think that, with the limits based on proficiency bonus, I could wholesale move it to 9th level?

I'd need a new capstone, though...