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    "Just Hysmine, thanks. Hys if you prefer."

    Gender: Female, she/her
    Species: Cat lady
    Age: Difficult to determine; rough estimate mid-30s
    Power Rating: D
    Appearance: Hysmine is a weathered-looking cat lady of generally European complexion; her hair, ears, and tail are the tabby brown of a wildcat and her eyes are green behind cheap horn-rimmed glasses. She's about 5'6", with a rangy figure covered in scars. Her ears are notched and a little patchy, and a leg injury means she walks with a cane and a leg brace. She dresses fairly plainly, though notable are what appear to be battered old military boots that were once of the finest quality. They can be somewhat incongruous alongside her other clothes, especially the things she seems to have made herself like shawls and scarves. Her voice is low and gravelly, and almost never raised.
    Personality: Hysmine is a woman under the weight of years of regrets, though she maintains a smile all the while. She is not a person of enthusiasm or excitement, but carries on steadily. She does not have a very high opinion of herself, though she does allow herself a little pride in her handicrafts and knack for organization.
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