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    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    AvatarVecna, Cao, and The Outsider have surrendered. Game Ends.

    The Town wins.
    Xihirli the Fae Noble wins
    (albeit only through a legal loophole, but that seems fitting--or, well, they would win if the game went to completion)

    As the day goes on, a cunning trick exposes the lawyers, who in turn expose the ghoul... and then they all realize they are defeated. The lawyers leave, implying they may return in the future. The ghoul is wounded, but creeps away to the shadows to return and feast again some other day. And, of the survivors, well, they must decide what to do with the remains of their town.


    And here's my commentary on the game, kept as the game went on:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Other Comments

    I thought Contract Specialist would be powerful to lure and tempt players into losing their vote, but didn't see how it was really a trade between wolves in practice. Also, the bane it offered couldn't bane the baner, so pretty limited. Its design was worse than intended.

    Sorry that The Outsider didn't like serial killer roles, but he did well with it!

    If Xihirli had lived N1, and town had QTs, we'd have had a towncore of Inquisitor, the Novice Dabblers, and Fae Noble. Sure, Fae Noble would be playing both sides to a degree, but a powerful unity. Especially if the Innocent joins it D2... or if rogue_alchemist had been active and become declared town D1 via power use (but I guess he would have killed Xihirli.)

    Chronomancer was never going to be in the game, since I couldn't think of a non-overpowered or too-convoluted power for him. I thought of borrowing Magik from the X-Men game, but didn't think I could keep it straight.

    EDIT: some ending thoughts remind me of playing RISK with my friends. One of them, if he realized he was going to lose, decided he would at least pick who wins by allying with someone. It was rather annoying to the rest of us.
    Deal-making powers have to be handled carefully. Just by it's very nature, a deal worth making isn't one worth taking, and a deal worth taking isn't one worth making. One side of things is going to benefit the most from it, and if it's too obvious who's going to benefit to both parties, nothing will occur.

    In particular, contract specialist feels like a letdown when compared with apprentice enchantress: AE steals another person's vote for themselves, while CS...voids their vote, in exchange for giving them a power? That's basically a straight upgrade for whoever accepts the deal. It doesn't help that, in addition to giving power, my choices were basically "give town a bane" or "give town another info power", Seers and watchers are the most dangerous townies, I'm not gonna give town another one just to maybe strikeout a single vote.

    EDIT: If this were adapted later, my suggestions for the cost would be to have it be variable just like the offered powers: The CS can choose to either void that person's usual power, or the CS steals their vote for that day, or the CS gets to choose the target's non-contract power that night. It's still risky giving town a scry or watch or bane, but if I can make a 2-vote difference, or redirect a scry, or void a baner, that's pretty valuable, and gives CS some real synergy with Garrus (who can scry people that would make good contract targets).
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