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No. Thanks to an earlier misunderstanding, I was under the impression that I'd only lose three charges if I were killed. This was clarified later, but it didn't really matter because I only would have had one charge left, and not the two I somehow thought I would have.
I read your ability as only losing 3 charges too, so I was assuming we'd have to lynch you/kill you 3 times if you got through this night.

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If Xihirli had lived N1, and town had QTs, we'd have had a towncore of Inquisitor, the Novice Dabblers, and Fae Noble. Sure, Fae Noble would be playing both sides to a degree, but a powerful unity. Especially if the Innocent joins it D2... or if rogue_alchemist had been active and become declared town D1 via power use (but I guess he would have killed Xihirli.)
That's something we ran into at claim time - we knew which roles were not in the game but most of the town roles could be easily proven. We'd get a day at most but then be made, and town decided to mass claim (even day 1) we'd have a big problem. With Novice Dabblers, Innocent, Dinoysis, Fae Noble - that's 5/11 proving themselves before Inquisitor starts checking.

Captain Cap's overnight message is really what broke everything open. I figured we could get a day out of our fake claims (though Outsider was the best lynch for us) and at least have a shot later, but since PoR could prove himself... ugh. Really good play, but ughhh.

I enjoyed the game overall, even if we surrendered in the end, but I think it would have done better with more players (not a problem that is anyone's fault, but we probably could have gotten more mileage out of the roles).