I figured how the last Day would go would be PartyOfRouges lynched as presumably a wolf fake-claiming, and then a bloodbath that night as the wolves kill, Elenna kills (Cao?), and The Outsider uses 4 charges to do two kills. Of course, banes could help, but I figured the only likely bane would be the wolves baning one of their own via Contract Specialist.

I was intending to give the wolves the two most powerful wolf roles. (Scourge wasn't a real role; just made up for misdirection. I was borderline on Charmer being real if we had enough players.) But not having a Contract Specialist gives away that the Rogue Diabolist is not in the game, and I didn't want to do that.
I also goofed (in the wolves favor) in that I should have had the Garrus role only provide 1 safe fakeclaim, while I had it give 3. I wrote it up as providing 3 with the intention of 4 wolves.

Oh, and here's their powers
hmm... QuickTopic is down, so I'll copy this in later, if I remember. or the wolves can post their powers. The Garrus role started knowing 3 fakeclaims.