Interestingly enough, I kept almost scrying AV.

Night 1 I was between AV and Cap. I chose cap because I wanted to be able to leave the first day wagons and figured AV might die for being AV. I didn't expect Cap or Xihirli to die so I figured RA and somebody else would be dead, Cap would be confirmed for me one way or the other and Xihirli would be confirmed one way or the other by their power. I guess Cap felt both safe and just like a good way to come back to the board with fresh and eyes.

I became very confused when Cap was so sure I was scried. I would have been more suspicious if I hadn't scried them.

Then night two, I was so positive AV or Elenna were going to be impossible for me to read. Both were pinging wolf like crazy but I couldn't figure out any justifiable reason.