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    Kuanochlainos Euphrone, Singer of the First Lullaby
    "Please, just Euphrone."

    Gender: Female, she/her
    Species: Minor Deity of Night, Rest, and Relaxation
    Age: ????
    Power Rating: Somewhere in the B's? She's a goddess, if a minor one.
    Appearance: Euphrone is a slender woman, pale and almost luminous in complexion, with dark brown hair worn in a loose plait thrown forward over her left shoulder (a la "dead anime mom hair"). A gauzy veil of dark blue obscures her eyes. She sports an impressive pair of batlike wings, far more natural and wholesome-looking than the bat-wings sported by many fiends and evil spirits. She tends to dress simply with dark and cool colors in evidence. She has some astronomy club shirts which she's very fond of.
    Personality: As a goddess and personification of night-as-rest-and-relaxation, she is both a night owl and a fairly laid-back person. Having lost her pantheon, she's a bit lost and out of it lately and hoping to pick up a little following in the Nexus.
    Capabilities: She is... well, a goddess. She's certainly of notable power, though being both a minor deity and adrift from a greater pantheon means she's not as great as some. Most of her magic revolves around quiet, stillness, rest, peace, darkness, and illumination within darkness. She's far more likely to bind, slow, or bring lethargy to an aggressor than blast them with lasers. Mostly, she fosters and invokes an air of night-time rest and enjoyment.
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