[Milton Island Assault]

"What? They're just physically closest? That's... ok." What a horrendous measurement! Wholly inaccurate. It's like asking which color is closest to blue and deciding based on the music playing in the store at the time.

It's especially distressing because every good drow knows the divine rests at the center of the world, deep within the planet's core. So these people are completely backwards even with the standards they're using! How dreadful.

For the sake of not seeming rude, however, Ilpholin doesn't correct their dogma. Even if seeing these owl people was weirdly distressful.

As they are approached, Ilpholin stops and inclines her head. "Your gift is most gracious of you. I gladly accept your kindness." She moves closer and tilts her neck to allow them to place the silver necklace upon her, maintaining poise and dignity, as if a queen accepting her royal jewelry.