[Milton Island Assault]

Damon is not best pleased with the general brightness levels of this chariot. Not at all.

Ilpholin's statement that she'll sit on his lap is a pleasant silver lining to this cloud, though.

"Thank you for your asssisstance, Ilpholin. You are of coursse welcome to ssshare a sseat, but you may find it a little unpleasssant sssitting on my lap asss I am now. Let me ssslip into sssomething more comfortable."

That was probably intentional.

And then he shifts to a rather tall, muscular male form that may be familiar from a certain previous encounter in a fairy mountain (though with clothes this time).

That was definitely intentional.

"There. This should prove plenty comfortable for you." He remarks with a wry smile, sitting down. An astute observer will no doubt be able to tell that, while the effect is lessened, Damon's vision is definitely still suffering somewhat for the light. He would probably still coat his face in flames, but that's not really an option if he's playing the role of cushion for Ilpholin.