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    [Milton Island Assault]

    The ownmen pause a moment as Damon suddenly changes his form and spends a moment to simply stare at him before going back to work again.
    Ir-Vi-Sid too seem curious though by contrast the angel simply walks by the two without a second glance and enters what seems to be the cockpit of the chariot.
    "As I said earlier I could offer some equipment to help you endure the, ah, brightness." He offers with a gesture at the glowing stones above. "But, if I may correct you again, we don't really worship the sun itself. It's simply a manifestation of the divine, it's not divinity itself. It's just the closest conduite of faith that exist in the physical world."

    One of the owlfolk then comes and hands Ir-Vi-Sid a black hood which looks more like a burlap sack. "Ah, right, it's a bit... Maybe some kind of shade would work better? The pilots have something like that..." He glances towards the cockpit.
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