[Fey and Falcon Escapades]

Kestrel had not been expecting to make much headway with the door, but to her absolute surprise she found that she could force it all the way open! She let out a cheer of celebration. Boring, it's just another lame hallway! Hopefully it leads her somewhere more interesting.

She was indeed far too distracted to hear Reinholdt creeping up on her. The birdgirl visibly jumped at the sudden loud noise, before spinning around to face him. AAH! Oh. Uh, yeah, sure, that's I did." She peered around him to look over at the vases. "So we gonna take those? Seem annoying to carry. Maybe we'll find some better treasure further in?" By 'better', she was thinking along the lines of stuff she usually thought of treasure. Vases were for old people. Gold and jewels were what real treasure was in her mind.