[Fey and Falcon Escapades]

The real treasure... is the gold and jewels you get from the old people who want the vases. That said, Kes had a point. "Oh yeah, you're right. We should leave them here. We don't have a boat." The most difficult part of any vase robbery is getting the boat inside.

With that decision behind them, Rein immediately starts moving forward, following the path to its completion! Or the hallway to the final chamber anyways. It's pretty clearly the central part of the temple at least, given its size and the almost reverent nature of its architecture. It's one gregorian chorus away from a boss room.

Alas, no music plays. There are a few other ways into this room, meaning a probable way out through one of them. The only other thing of note that isn't decoration is the altar, whereupon a glass jar sits. Within is a speck of light sitting on the bottom, faded and forlorn. At least until the duo enter, at which point it perks up and swirls around within its confines, trying to get their attention.

[Milton Island Assault]

Ilpholin takes a moment to run her fingers along Damon's familiar chest, even if clothed this time. "MUCH appreciated." Ilpholin turns around and backs up into him, making sure they're both seated comfortably before strapping them in. The straps are probably a little tight, as to be expected even with her smaller stature, but this only means she has to really squeeze up next to Damon and she doesn't mind that at all.

"Ooh yes! If you guys have Aviator glasses for him, that would be just Perfect!" It would honestly probably look terrible, but that's what makes it so fun. She personally expects that bird people aviator glasses are even more 'fashionable' than usual.

She as personally finds the difference between sun as a conduit for worship beyond and worshipping the sun itself to be generally insignificant. But she also wishes to avoid antagonizing them in any particular way. "I see. I shall be more discerning with my descriptions in the future."