Hello guys and girls...

Many people complain that combat takes way too long in 4e. I tried to find the reasoning behind those complains and I think I have discovered that combat in 4e takes too long mostly for three reasons:

- Reason A: Creatures have way too many hp.
- Reason B: Creatures have way too high defenses.
- Reason C: Creatures deal way too low damage.

Because of these 3 reasons, I came up with the following idea:

Before each attack, every creature (either PC, NPC or monster) can lose an X amount of its hp and gain an X bonus to its next attack roll or its next damage roll (X can be equal to the creature's level or lower than that but not negative). It is a simple, quick and dirty way to make creatures lose hp faster, bypass high defenses, deal more damage and (mostly for PCs) to use healing surges more often.