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I´d like to raise the following points:

- Combat in 4E is already the fastest of any edititon. I, as a GM, could easily scram two fights into an evening with 4e, whereas D&D 5e takes quite a bit longer to resolve.

- Combat is a huge part of the game, as with any Wargaming RPG such as D&D is. If you can make rules to make it more enjoyable, good on you, however, cramming in house rules to make it faster seems weird to me.
->>>>>Especially with how healing surges and health pools work, Defenders benefit from the exchange of health to damage more than a striker does. I really don´t like that rule. Also strikers gain a lower percent increase on their damage than defender, leaders, controllers. And how does that rule interact with AOE abilities? If each target of the AOE receives the extra damage Or to hit bonusses, say goodbye to single target strikers.

- If you feel combat is a chore, maybe D&D 4e isn´t the system you want to run. Take a look at numenera/cypher system. It cuts out rolling for the GM completely and only relies on player rolls. Combat is the fastest of any system I have experienced ever.
No need for sarcasm, Angelmaker; I actually agree with you that DnD 4th is the fastest dnd combat, but I want to make it even faster (and maybe more appealing to players of other dnd editions too). In my experience, I find that most people compare low level 3.5th edition and 5th edition combat with high level 4th edition combat but never the opposite. Anyway, back on topic...

Let me clear up a little bit more how the rule is supposed to work:

- It is a free action.
- It affects a single target (Target: one creature). That means you lower the hp of yourself, you gain the attack bonus against only a single target or you gain the damage bonus against only a single target.
- You can drop below zero hp by using this ability (not 100% sure about this).

Indeed the defender gets more due to having more healing surges than the striker but if that is an issue then it is still an issue imho even without my houserule...