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No, because you’re giving +1 damage per 2 levels. Heroic dragonshard + iron armbands of power + weapon/implement focus is +4 (5 if you’re using silvery glow instead). Paragon dragonshard + IAoP + elemental damage feat (Fiery Blood, etc) is +10. Epic shard + IAoP + elemental damage feat is +15. So you’re basically providing them with those optimized choices for free. Suddenly a controller who hits 2 enemies at level 30 is doing 15+ 6 enhancement + say 8 or 9 ability score + 2d6 or something for the power is doing 1/4 of a standard monster’s hp per turn, or a defender is likely doing 40 on a hit and then damage if their mark is violated, etc. Basically, it means a good chance of finishing combats in 4 rounds or so, which keeps combats from being dragged out.

And it reduces the advantage of always focusing on one type of elemental damage, so there’s less pressure to always take a damage conversion weapon for optimization.
Now I see what you mean. In general I don't disagree. I actually have unintentionally used the +1 damage per 2 levels rule back when I thought that the 1/2 level bonus to attack rolls applied to damage rolls as well.

But what about the monsters? They seem to deal low damage and not to be a real threat, especially if you consider that most people do not play a lot of combat encounters between extended rests. Because of this, I suggest my rule of trading hp for attack or damage (it appears in the other topic where you have replied) in combination with this rule of making all bonuses of the same sources the same (all bonuses from Feats to be feat bonuses etc.). That way, we will manage two things:

1st: Monsters will be able to use their higher amount of hp to become more of a threat by trading their hp for attack and/or damage.
2nd: Players will not be some kind of killing machines that slaughter anything in their path but they will have to cleverly trade their hp for attack and/or damage in order to win and to use their abilities and allies to their advantage in order to withstand a swarm of monsters.

I think we can both imagine that nerfing the players a little bit by removing some of the min-maxing and adding a hp-attack/damage trading rule to both the players and the monsters can result in a more balanced power level between the PCs and the monsters. After all, another issue I have found in the game is that, at least in the earlier monster manuals, is that the monsters are weak in general.

NOTE: The fact I find some issues here and there in the game does not mean I think the 4th edition is bad, quite the opposite, 4th is my favorite edition and I find that the other editions of the game have many more issues to deal with. I also find the fun factor of the 4th edition to be a huge plus.