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Hi, sorry. The sarcasm tags were intended for comedic purposes, nothing else. I need to get better at this :}

Regarding your homebrew rule: It DOES sound like effort in the Cypher system. You can drain your own pools in order to achieve greater successes. Except there it´s already inbuilt in the system and applies to everything, including skills.

I still don´t particularly like the rule. Most players, I think, would rather just go for a +10( if level 10) hit on their daily powers to make sure they land and ignore it for most other purposes. Obviously you know your players better, but this is how I feel about it. I certainly don´t care as much to add +10 damage to a 1[W] power with a high chance to miss, whereas making sure my 4[w] daily + rider effect power lands with a +10 to hit sounds delicious.

So, will it make combat quicker: I guess. Are there better ways: I think so.

Like, I guess you´ve already researched this, so are you using monsters from the later monster books? I think someone calculated that the first monster books have broken math behind them, making them just big chunks of HP and there are corrected formulas out there.
Your sarcasm was clever actually, I just wasn't sure if I had unintentionally offended you somehow and you used sarcasm or it was just harmless humor. I guess it was the second. :D

Personally, if I played with my rule on the table, I would use the X extra damage along with those powers that still deal half damage on a miss. Also, they seem like a good choice to co-op with your team and drop a dangerous Elite or Solo quicker than normal. My point is that the X extra damage has its fair amount of uses too.
The X extra attack could be also useful to increase your attack especially against Soldiers in almost every attack against them.

I used to use MM1 monsters most of the time but I also included MM2 monsters as well as monsters from other books (MM3 is one of them but I am not 100% sure). Before I stopped playing for real-life reasons, I was mostly making homebrew monsters by relying to DM's Guide 1 and 2 guidelines as well as my own experience. Unfortunately, I came up with this rule at the end of my DM career and not earlier. :(