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Hello guys and girls...

Many people complain that combat takes way too long in 4e. I tried to find the reasoning behind those complains and I think I have discovered that combat in 4e takes too long mostly for three reasons:

- Reason A: Creatures have way too many hp.
- Reason B: Creatures have way too high defenses.
- Reason C: Creatures deal way too low damage.

Because of these 3 reasons, I came up with the following idea:

Before each attack, every creature (either PC, NPC or monster) can lose an X amount of its hp and gain an X bonus to its next attack roll or its next damage roll (X can be equal to the creature's level or lower than that but not negative). It is a simple, quick and dirty way to make creatures lose hp faster, bypass high defenses, deal more damage and (mostly for PCs) to use healing surges more often.
An even easier way is to use morale rules. If an elite dies all minions immediately flee or cower, once half of the none-minions die the rest flee or surrender. Combat is way swingier in RL than in fantasy because people do not, as a rule, fight to the death. 1/10 losses is considered crippling rout levels.