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2) The bigger issue is the requirement for optimization- that is, the devs assumed a certain level of accuracy and damage and defenses in monster design. It does no good to limit optimizers when the thing that's causing long or annoying combat is the people who are under the curve.

3) Many people build using the character builder, and doing so means that directly modifying feats/items/etc is frustrating or annoying.
Very These. 4th ed fights tend to go long enough anyway, reducing optimisation will make this worse* unless you're giving the party more easy fights than is usual.
And it's not long before having the character generator do the math and describe the powers for you makes life a lot easier.
Maybe instead of changing feats which give untyped bonuses in a way which makes them not work, ban them instead? Then your character generator will still work.

If you want to go ahead with your plan to try and level out the builds and reduce the performance gap between optimised and unoptimised characters by reducing optimisation, I suggest you also dial back monster AC/HP.

* Assuming you consider that to be a problem. If you like going at one (maybe 2) fight per session, you do you - there's no wrong way to play as long as it's fun for all at the table