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While it is true that many people use Character Builder, that is/was not the case with my group as well as many groups I try to get back to 4th (or to persuade to try the edition if they haven't before). Most people that I try to help do NOT use Character Builder, they build their character offline from scratch, they only have the first three core rulebooks of their edition and every edition, etc. These people select every feat and item by searching them in their books instead of using the Character Builder and, because of this, my fix is very easy to be used for them.
As for the AC/HP issue, I suggest you to look to my other thread that talks about trading X hp for X attack or X damage.

Fair enough - The swap hp for damage would be interesting to see done. In the group I was in it might make battles shorter. OTOH, some of us weren't great at decision making and might have to spend more time deciding how much hp to spend.
It'd certainly make for an interesting puzzle - presumably your defenders would almost always spend a lot of HP because they have so many and healing therefor gives them more.
OTOH, when your AOE types go off, they can hit multiple foes with their spend of limited HP, so maybe they get tempted too