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I think a significant part of the reason fights took so long is the high number of ongoing effects and the range of rules for when they end - end of my turn, end of your turn, end of next turn or save at the end of the turn.

All of that makes for fights which are interesting. If you like tactical boardgames, this is the edition for you - it's quite good for that.
But I think you could halve HP even on the later monsters and still have enough of that (with character HP reduced too).
It is true that the ongoing effects (blinded, dazed, stunned etc.) as well as regeneration or ongoing damage make fights last longer because they make you track a lot of things. But, since that is what makes 4th edition interesting (along with a couple of other things) I think it is a fair trade for the players' free time as well as the DM's. On the other hand, the low damage, low attack and high hp combo does not offer something unique to the game and that is what I try to eliminate with my rule.

Halving HP of everything is a somewhat good solution but it just solves one thing (high hp) and leaves the other two issues (low damage, low attack) unanswered. That's why I insist so much on my rule; it answers all 3 issues.

Another "hidden" advantage of my rule is that it allows for a greater variety of combat encounters. The ability to add X attack bonus (X=your lvl) for an X hp cost can allow low level creatures to strike beings of a much higher level with something other than a natural 20. Here are some encounter examples that are a big NO right now and can become a big YES with my rule:

1) A dozen of low-level standard monsters that their attack is too low to threaten the party. (normally, the party will win with ease but, with my rule, the monsters just have to trade their max hp possible for max attack in order to have a fair chance to win this fight)

2) High-level minions that their defenses are too high to be reached by the party. (normally, the party has no chance but, with my rule, they just have to trade their max hp possible for max attack in order to just hit the minions)