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Hi all! Phantasmal Force is a spell that lets illusionists mimic another spell, and even deal the proper damage if the victim believes the real spell was cast.

My only question (which I floated past my DM and he wasn't sure) involves the verbal component. If your character is saying "Phantasmal Force" or whatever the spellwords are, wouldn't that be a bit of a giveaway that you weren't actually casting Fireball or whatever you're bluffing?

Just wondering if enemy magic users within earshot can freely ignore my illusion simply because they know I wasn't saying the proper incantation.
My memory is that the magic words are magically incomprehensible to non mages. So the fact you are saying "Phantasmal Force" doesn't tip your hand to anyone (though a DM might say mages get to recognise it if they know the spell too)