[Milton Island Assault]

"I will remind you that we don't know these creatures relationship with the demons and-" He pauses and looks to Ilpholin and then at Damon. "But on the other hand you seem to know more about this situation so I will refrain to your expertise. It's just that the matters of morality is extremely important to us and especially to me as a speaker." Ir-Vi-Sid shrugs. "Who else can act the higher consciousness, hm?" He gestures with his open palms to them. "But that's why we need people like you. People who can make the difficult decisions."

Then Cerabella comes back out of from the cockpit. "Our crusade begins. We shall set out into the sky and cleanse these demons in the name of Divinity!" Her wings extend to her side and there single but united response from the owl soldiers.


"Right, I should get you those glasses and take a seat myself. If you excuse me..." Ir-Vi-Sid bows away and sneaks past Cerabella into the cockpit as she is addressing the soldiers.