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    Default Re: D&D Horses Are Way Faster Than Real Horses

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    You now have me thinking. I love wildlife programs and have seen many on television about wolves out west over the years. I've seen film of them chasing bison & elk, but I can't remember one of them chasing wild mustangs?
    Wolves have been almost entirely exterminated in the lower 48 states. They are extremely rare. I grew up in Wyoming and way back in the early 1900's, there was a big fat bounty on wolves and they were completely eradicated as a result. Every other state did much the same thing. I think Minnesota might be the only state where the wolf population wasn't hunted to extinction. Yellowstone had wolves reintroduced in the 1990's and is the only place where natural wild herds of bison still roam. It's also got a sizable elk population. If you saw a nature documentary of bison or elk being hunted and killed by wolves then it was probably in Yellowstone National Park. I can't think of anywhere else you'd see all three in the same place. There are no wild mustangs in Yellowstone. There are also no wolves in any area where wild mustangs live that I'm aware of.
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