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    Default Re: D&D Horses Are Way Faster Than Real Horses

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    The fastest horse ever recorded was a Quarter Horse going 55 mph. There is a reason that it is Thoroughbreds and not Quarter Horses that race in the Kentucky Derby -- which is 1.25 miles, and Arabians race in long distance races. The argument being made for horses here grabs the Quarter Horse with a 55 mph world record and applies that to everything.
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    In contrast, the quarter horse is the fastest horse, specifically bred to be the best sprinters over a quarter mile (1320 feet.) They've recorded top speeds of 55 mph, and good individuals can sustain 50 mph over that quarter of a mile.
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    The trouble is, the Quarter Horse has the same problem as the cheetah. It has a quick burst of speed, but can't sustain that speed over distances. They're called the Quarter Horses because they race the quarter mile. The fastest horse on earth has about the same full on sprint range as the cheetah.

    If you want your horse to run all day, then you want an Arabian. The fastest Arabian ever recorded is 40 mph, quite a bit slower than your Quarter Horse -- the sprinting specialist.
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    Quarter horses, which are bred to be sprinters, can hit higher top speeds than any other breed, but the other breeds still have very respectable top speeds that can be sustained for much greater distances. The fastest recorded thoroughbred could run over 40 mph.
    That's interesting information. I agree completely.
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