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Thread: How to make combat a little bit faster.

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    In my experience (playing only heroic tier), it feels like monsters die far too fast. Unless they're brutes or elites they die in 3 rounds, tops--but fights with those brutes and elites get dull because quickly it's the brute or elite by itself. That doesn't stop them from dishing out the pain, as I typically have 1-2 PCs drop below 0 per fight, so it's not damage that's the trouble.

    The biggest source of slowdown at my tables are

    1) players keep rolling badly (not that the defenses are too high, but that they keep rolling 3s and 5s...)
    2) the extra seconds of going over your options/what your things do/doing the thing
    3) All the misc floating bonuses and penalties making you pause and go "so I have x to hit--wait, I'm standing on one foot so that gives me a -1 and Jeff's waffle iron of woe is giving me a +2" "But the effect from the monster's last attack doesn't end to the end of your next turn so you've got a -1, also you were supposed to take 5 damage from the ongoing..."
    4) Maybe having 5 PCs and 5 Monsters as the standard encounter, thus meaning 10 character turns per round, does inflate things a little.
    5) (specific to online gaming ala Roll20) interacting with the interface.

    If everyone took 30 seconds on their turn and boom it was over, combat would not be long.
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