[Fey and Falcon Escapades]

Ugh! Philistine! Rein's over here dishing out comedy gold to someone who still thinks bronze is the most valuable element!

He doesn't even get time to sulk too. Sulking is less important than helping out. "Yeah, yeah," Reinholdt heads over to her to help.

Though how much help he'll be is questionable. For starters, rather than taking the jar off Kes' hands to do himself or pulling from the other side, he slides in behind her. Reinholdt doesn't hesitate to pull up until his body is in full contact with hers. He reaches around Kes to take hold of the jar in his hands and gripping it tightly, whispering in her ear a simple command, "Pull."

He'll hold the jar in place while she tugs the cork out! Easy.