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Were Orpheans (like Orpheus, not a mispelling of mage Orphans) canonically part of oWoD?
I don't think I ever read the book, but it seemed in the same spirit/theme as oWoD and about... sorta like dream sorcerers, or something like that?
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees? I've never read the book, although I really want to, so the below is the results of my research into it a year or two ago.

I believe it wasn't part of the line, but it deals with the aftermath of the metaplot events that ended Wraith (which was one of my favourite games in concept, but I didn't like the execution). It was in essence Wraith with the perspective flipped to focus on the living rather than the dead, you worked for a corporation that dealt with hauntings and employed both psychics and ghosts, and I believe that later in the line you had to deal with other corporations dealing with the afterlife in a much less ethical fashion.

While I can't remember the names there was like two types of human (those who could astrally project on command ans those who needed to be frozen for it), normal ghosts, and a couple of kinds of special ghost. Changes from Wraith included Arcanoi being replaces with Horrors as ghostly abilities, and ghosts no longer having a Shadow in their heads but instead having an evil doppelgänger. Also Oblivion got changed, and I believe was focused on Grandmother rather than the Neverborn(? I forget if Wraith used Neverborn or Onceborn, or even both).

Now I'm trying to remember if Demon had any options other than demons. I don't think it did, both Hunter and Demon seem to have been more focused than the games which came before them.