[Fey and Falcon Escapades]

Oh huh, would you look at that? Seems like Reinholdt was actually readily going to try help her with this! She didn't think that in an insulting way, but it was a bit of relief knowing that she wouldn't have to deal with weird antics this time. Or so she thought initially. The birdgirl feels her companion press right up close into her back, arms wrapping around her to grip the jar, and his warm breath brushed her ear. For the second time that day she froze up in shyness, a blush quickly forming on her cheeks. "I-I, um, d-don't think t-this is the kind of help I, um, w-was asking for Reinholdt..." Looks like her stutter was back now too! Her thoughts raced in a panicked fluster. What should she do!? She wasn't ready for this! Well, surely she'd be able to extract herself from the situation if she just gets this stupid jar open, right? So, trying not to die from embarrassment, she continued to pull on the cork, now with both hands. But despite all her efforts, the damn thing stayed lodged in place! She thought she might be making progress, feeling the cork budge a couple times, but it still wouldn't come loose fast enough. Oh heck. Heck heck heck heck.