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Thread: OotS Style Art/Fanart Showcase VI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    That's a pretty awesome adventuring party there, ya know.
    Thanks! It'll be even better when I can swap out the thri-kreen gladiator for a thri-kreen psionicist.1 Sadly, they will never get to adventure with each other, since they're all part of my Dark Sun Character Tree. Four PCs, and I swap them out on different adventures. Any time one of them levels up in an adventure, I can level up one of the ones that had to sit it out.

    We're currently using psionics rules where you have to completely exhaust your opponent's PSPs before you can get in their head and do sneaking things, and the 'preferred' method of doing so costs you more PSPs than you strip off your opponent.
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