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    Spoiler: This is the player list in alphabetical order.

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    I think JeenLeen (I think it was him) was on to something when he suggested that we just test people in a set order, at least the first go around. We are, in <=10 rounds, guaranteed to catch at least all the original things. In addition, based on who the thing is, we will have a decent idea of which people have been corrupted. After all, it makes little sense for the thing to pick someone who is about to be tested.

    That's been a long-winded way of saying I vote to cleanse Apogee1 of corruption. May he remain unharmed and human.

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    We get two tests, right rogue_alchemist? Do you want us to vote for both tests at the same time, for instance like this: AvatarVecna?

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    Rereading the OP I have realised that we only get one test per day. That makes the 'in order' plan not quite as effective, but I'm not sure what a better one is.
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